Intel® and ICON are working together to effectively transform and digitize clinical trials.

Intel and ICON: Digitizing together clinical trials with Intel® Pharma Analytics Platform

icon is now offering the for use in clinical trials. the intel® platform is an edge-to-cloud artificial intelligence (ai) solution that enables remote monitoring and continuous capture of clinical data from study subjects using sensors and wearable devices, and can apply machine learning techniques to objectively measure symptoms and quantify the impact of therapies.

红包扫雷源码平台the intel® pharma analytics platform enables sponsors to speed clinical trials, gather objective evidences at scale and discover new insights and patterns. it enables the deployment of various patient-centric solutions which can improve compliance & retention without increasing patient burden.

intel® pharma analytics platform enables sponsors to

  • Capture de-identified, objective, high-quality, rich sensory data via any sensors and/or wearable devices.
  • Get real-time information about protocol adherence while helping patients manage medication, perform structured tests and report symptoms.
  • Utilize smartphone applications to collect electronic diaries and patient reported outcomes (PROs).
  • Transmit the de-identified data to a secured cloud infrastructure for storage and analysis.
  • Apply machine learning and other AI methods to objectively assess and quantify the severity of symptoms, quantify the impact of therapies such as medication efficacy or dose response and develop new, more sensitive robust novel endpoint.
  • Run multiple digital trial in different therapeutic areas using a unified, scalable platform

the intel® pharma analytics platform can support wide range of diseases and conditions in the areas of the central nervous systems, respiratory, cardiovascular, and other chronic conditions.